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We are North West based in Bolton close to Manchester, we have chauffeur-driven Morris Minor and Ford Cars for hire in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and some areas within Cheshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire .

We aim to provide you with a first class service and ensure that we provide everything you need to meet with your expectations for your special day. We are a husband and wife team and can provide either male or female chauffeur driven service.We have 5 cars, see our About us page for photographs.

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A quick look at our cars below, see about us for more details or our other website as detailed above.www.regentclassics.co.uk

From left to right below, Buttercup (1960's Morris Minor Traveller),Daisy (1950's Morris Minor Convertible),Lily (1960's Morris Minor Saloon)

Poppy below our 1970's Ford Capri (As in "Minder" and the "Professionals")

Tulip below, our latest aquisition another 1960,s Morris Minor Convertible.

We have 5 cars, see our About us page for photographs.

The cars are fully restored iconic Morris Minors and Ford cars, finished in Old English White. We have Daisy a 1950's Morris Minor convertible, Buttercup a 1960's Morris Traveller, Lily a 1960's Morris Minor saloon, Tulip another 1960's Morris Minor convertible and Poppy a 1970's Classic Ford Capri which can be decorated with a choice of ribbons to match your colour scheme.

We are a husband & Wife team Geraldine & Ken pictured below with two of our cars " Daisy" & "Buttercup" at Mercure The Last Drop Hotel Bolton.

Below,Buttercup 1960's Morris MinorTraveller (left) and Poppy 1970's Ford Capri .

We can cater for special occasions such as Weddings and Civil Partnerships .

Poppy below has not been with us that long but has created quite a stir at Weddings ( As detailed in Fords 1970's advert "The Car you always promised yourself")

Poppy above the model famously associated with Ford advert and 1970 shows such as "Minder" and the "Professionals"

Lily, was the actual car Nurse Gladys Emmanuels car in "Still open all hours"she is pictured below with her on set.

Lily was used to film many episodes and a Christmas Special of "Still Open All Hours" Linda Baron seen leaning on her after being filmed washing her

Lily on top form,left !On other duties for another big wedding day!

Below, Daisy & Buttercup at Tatton Park Classic Car show centre stage to the right of the Morris Minor Owners Club Flag.

The Cars are maintained to the highest standards and are naturally fully insured with all the necessary arrangements for use at weddings.

We can attach a "Just Married " sign with tin cans for after the ceremony if you wish!

We decorate our cars with your choice of colour!

"Lily" is a 1960's Morris Minor Saloon in Old English White, she made her TV debut last Boxing day on BBC 1 's Christmas special " Still Open All Hours"

Lily (above) outside Arkwrights shop in Still Open All Hours on BBC 1's Christmas Special starring David Jason ( Nurse Gladys's car)Later she also starred in 6 episodes in 2015

Lily pictured at a recent wedding

Jill & Craig below at their wedding , first at the Hilton Hotel Manchester and then at Manchester Town Hall for the wedding, followed by photographs at the Science & Industry Museum Manchester

Please see our next page "about us" and our "contact us " page for more details we would love to hear from you. We have reasonable hire charges for bookings within our normal radius of work at £329 for one car,with discounts for multi car bookings,£529 for two cars (saving£129) and £729 for a three car booking (saving £258)and £899 (saving £417) for a four car booking.

Any single car booking made for transporting persons to the church/ wedding venue only is £229 - please note that the car would leave as persons arrive when the ceremony begins.This would make a great surprise for anyone not expecting to be transported in a Classic Wedding Car!

A £99 deposit secures your booking no matter how many cars you book.

email address [email protected]

Telephone   01204 301042

Mobile       07528443330

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!Don't forget to see our other pages overleaf for more information and pictures!